6 Simple Steps on how to start blogging for beginners

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Now a days, Blogging is also one of the most picked profession by many of them as it has a huge and scope and quite interesting at the same time. If you are the one who is thinking to start a blog then this article is for you.

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6 Simple Steps on how to start blogging for beginners

Select a niche

The first and the most important step to consider when you start blogging are to select a niche. For successful blogging it is very important to start a niche that you are familiar with or your think you have the best knowledge about it.

Choose a Platform

The next step is to choose a platform for your blogging that you think will be best and useful. There are many free platforms available for blogging that you can choose but the most trusted and reliable platform for blogging is said to be WordPress which is almost used by everyone.

Domain and Web Hosting

Once you have a niche and blogging platform selected, the next step is to choose a domain name that is the URL by which you will be known, so make sure to have a unique one. Once domain name is selected you will have to choose a reliable hosting services that matches your requirements.

Start your blog

The next step is to start your blog on WordPress. For starting a blog on WordPress with the hosting brand, select your plan and put in your domain name. Next, select a register yourself and select the hosting options accordingly. Once everything is done, you are ready to launch your blog with WordPress.

Blog Designing

The next important step is to design a blog that looks attractive and which fits your blog perfectly. With WP, blogging for beginners is quite easy where you can select the best themes available that are for free and customize with ease.

Content and Promoting

Once everything is set, write a solid content that is according to the niche you have selected. Make sure to follow all the algorithms given by google and start performing SEO activities for the same. It is very important to promote for ranking and gaining traffic.

These are 6 simple steps that you can follow to start blogging as these are basic things that are necessary for blogging for beginners must be aware on the same.

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