Affiliate Links And Affiliate Marketing

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An affiliate link is a special code that has certain information which is processed by the affiliate website when the URL is invoked, to understand which member of their affiliate program is responsible for driving traffic towards their website. It can be an HTML code or even some JavaScript code which you can place in your blog or a website, so that when your visitors click on that link or image (or just place their mouse pointer on top of it), it will redirect them to that link or open a pop up with that new link. This affiliate link could be a URL anchor on web pages, emails, images or text advertisement, etc. It simply helps the affiliate programs to track referrals to their website.

What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate program or an affiliate marketing campaign, is a form of online marketing, where an affiliate member uses their own website or blog to drive traffic to a particular website through affiliate links. Affiliate programs are also called associate programs in which a website pays commission to other websites to send them some traffic. A merchant site or an affiliate site pays money to their member affiliates according to the agreement, which is usually based on the number of people sent to their website or amount of money earned through those customers generate through affiliate links. It is an effective marketing strategy to sell products online and spread good word of mouth for your product or brand.

Benefits of joining affiliate marketing programs

1) You can join the affiliate programs and work from home only, if you have an internet connection with decent speed.

2) You can join an affiliate program even if you have a job, so that you can make extra money, since it will not take much of your time anyway.

3) It is easy to learn and do. It doesn’t need much skill to learn and understand.

Why do some people find it hard to earn through affiliate marketing programs?

Despite being so easy to understand and learn, despite requiring no great skill to do it, the percentage of people making decent earnings through affiliate programs promotions, is quite low. The following are some of the reasons why people are not able to take advantage of affiliate marketing online:

A/People expect easy money, or get rich quickly programs.

People often get attracted by the idea of getting easy money without having to work for hours. It is not entirely their fault, because that is what these programs make them believe, less work and easy money. And of course this people often forget, in the process that this is a serious work and is supposed to be taken like a business. It demands proper attention and work planning.

B/People look for miracles and magic.

These are people like those who wants to lose fat, looking for a magic pill to do it for them overnight. But, just like the answer for those who want to lose weight is to eat less and do more work out, the same can be said for people who have just joined affiliate marketing, that is to understand that in order to achieve success, they need to work more not less, to input focused effort in their marketing activities for their business online.

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